Coincidence Theories

by Weather Balloons

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These songs will be part of an album in the future.

Interesting story,
when I wrote "The Book of The RAW" I had the lyrics about contra as a video game helping to cloud the existence of iran-contra in the public's mind as well as the abstract date of march 16 1988 because IT SOUNDED GOOD AND I LIKED THE NUMBERS, so I googled the date, and it turned out it was the date of a huge massacre with chemical weapons in Iraq as well as the date of the slightly-less-reported-on event of Oliver North's indictment over iran-contra.



released February 1, 2012



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Weather Balloons Brooklyn, New York

"Weather Balloons are my favorite band!" -JFK Jr.

"The first time I saw Weather Balloons was in 1973." -Robert Anton Wilson

"Weather Balloons are not a real band." -Philip K. Dick

"Well, I don't know much about Weather Balloons, but I certainly enjoy psychedelics." -Terence McKenna

"Weather Balloons are a real band." -George Bush Jr.

"George Bush Jr. had nothing to do with my death." -JFK Jr.
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Track Name: Taking A Bath In Baltimore
when the zombies finally win
bury the fruit under the town
so hairless and shameless
we'll live forever free from the stars

taking a bath in Baltimore
they can't afford to go to work

they were planning my pet goat
someone to peel all the meat off the fruit
they won't think to blame us
fake a paint job and get your dessert

doing the math on Baltimore
they can afford to go to war
Track Name: JFKFC
nearly two towns over
nobody home in my mind
I connected to your face

I woke up bare
no jelly roll
I woke up bare
not to feed your mountain of a lie
but you know you're right
but you know you're wrong

you are from the future
everyone else has died
George Bush ran the CIA

I've been hearing voices
all of the time you say
Track Name: Serfs Up
Psy-ops designed to keep one eye closed
they're kissing skulls and moldy old bones
if I was your mom I'd hope you get cancer and die
serfs up
no rich white dudes

check out the shit they won on that show
my what a boat, do people go woah?
I need a moat and several prescriptions
but first
there's some shit I've got to do

probably fixed and morally broke
I'm in control, just leave me alone
is that your dad?
I hope his car doesn't explode

einsturzende neubauten 9 to 11
working a lot because working is fun
where can I buy the kind of thing I'd like to be?
I can't
I tried
it's moot
Track Name: The Book of The RAW
you are a pope if you can read
"hey no way"
you are a god if you can die
go and try

because in 1988
we'll travel through time
and hide in 1945

saying contra conjures a game
"that's a plan"
they charged me almost $50
"that's insane"

March 16

no thank you goodbye
my heart with a broken egg

Track Name: What Is This Sword Of Shit?
It's just weird shit happening every day
to be safe keep your head between your legs

blah blah blah blah blah
let's play a game
let's look for quarters like we make them up
this plan could work
but you're a jerk I'd like to not see

blah blah new haircut
you're fucking boring
I hate the shit I have to hear you say
I'd rather fish shit out of piss than hear you talking