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the most powerful enzyme


released September 11, 2011

this is PROBABLY NOT about the 8-circuit model of consciousness of Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson



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Weather Balloons Brooklyn, New York

"Weather Balloons are my favorite band!" -JFK Jr.

"The first time I saw Weather Balloons was in 1973." -Robert Anton Wilson

"Weather Balloons are not a real band." -Philip K. Dick

"Well, I don't know much about Weather Balloons, but I certainly enjoy psychedelics." -Terence McKenna

"Weather Balloons are a real band." -George Bush Jr.

"George Bush Jr. had nothing to do with my death." -JFK Jr.
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Track Name: Poking My Teeth Out
sure enough
sundays are familiar days that won't get back to you
in a fucked up way I'm in outer space and think I'm at the zoo

quit poking my teeth out just for something to do
quit pulling both of my eyes out
I'm not that kind of dude

quit pulling my pants down just for something to do
quit poking my finger I'm not that kind of dude

in a one time place a familiar face will want to talk to you
there's a lot of things that I want to say
but none of them will do at the zoo

at the zoo
Track Name: It Doesn't Happen To You
you always do this to me
I never know what you want
I want to feel on fire
isn't that what you want?

this is the pits
I don't get what for

this can't happen to me
it should happen to you
I can't just say what you are
cus there's nothing to prove
what am I supposed to do?
it doesn't happen to you

and I wonder what you're doing tonight
I'm so heavy I gotta get you off my mind

I can't just say what you are if it wouldn't be true

I don't understand but you don't get anime
Track Name: DNA Holes
yesterday your dad's a hero
he saved me from rock and rollers
watching me like channel zero
to fuck me with 2 controllers
right here right now baby

I wanted it to feel like
running into something just like
you and I would wait a long long time
I wanted it to feel like
something that would be a lot like you

GMOs from DNA-holes
will fuck you with many colors
I've got a cane but I'm still able to fuck you
just like my mother
right here right now baby only
Track Name: I Want To Stab You In The Face
all of the time I really had to pee
but you took lots of time and you made an awful stink

I want to kill you
I want to stab you in the face
Track Name: Eat The Cake You Have!
it's like wearing different colored socks
or microwaving tea
let's fold the hands we got
cus man it's not 123
all the times I've been around the block
I never crossed the street
I can make it up to here
but then it's not up to me
it's not up to me

you were hoping for a bigger boy
not someone like me

were you hoping for a purple cloth
for all you royalties?
you could go collect the set
but you'd still be incomplete
I keep trying to get off the clock
but the hand's glued to my feet
I'll try the best I can but man it's not up to me
it's not up to me

bigger capital B
Track Name: Raped and Stabbed
you keep bursting into flames
but not in my yard
not in my hometown
there's nothing for you there
I don't think that I'm to blame
but you're not either
so then what should I do now?
tell me what should I do now?

let's work it out
if it takes every beat of my heart to get off my chest
I'm ready for it now
I'm finally ready
check it out

every day still feels the same
I keep on trying but I don't know how
someone should write a book
that's the last thing that I need
I hate to read
so tell me what can I do now?
baby what can I do now?

I'm fucking ready
Track Name: Sunday Brave
I've been looking around for something new
something cool nothing moot
I've been looking around for something true
something that makes me happy
looking over and over without a clue

I go walking around like some big fool
like sunday brave like sunday new
I go out on the town to scare the spooks
but nothing ever happens
same thing over and over
not that cool

same thing over and over
not that cool

take the top off the bottom babe
hold my head cus I'm going insane
say your hello
break up like a bottle baby
it's on you

I looked over and over and I found you
you won me over and over nothing to it
you keep winning me over
I think it over and over
Track Name: Fake Disaster
she's raging like an AT field
I can't tell her just how I feel
it's fish for brains and pills for pain
this is like a fake disaster
I'm not thinking about the winter
she's cooking me my last meal
this is like an old west showdown
for no good reason I should go

everything everything everything
everything I want is here
I could chalk it up to you